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The Clementon School District was alerted to an extremely inappropriate and disturbing Facebook post by one of our teachers.  The Clementon School District Community was heartbroken and saddened that a staff member would choose to engage on social media with other individuals and make those types of comments!

The behavior of this single individual does not define what the Clementon School District represents.  Our administration, teachers and staff work diligently to provide a nurturing environment where all students feel welcomed and appreciated regardless of their race, religion, socio-economic status and sexual orientation. 

The Clementon School District will continue to provide that nurturing environment and continue with our efforts to ensure that all students, staff, visitors and community members are treated equally, respectfully and kindly!


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Governor Murphy Executive Order: 

Remote Learning will continue for all NJ schools for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year to protect the health of our children and families. 

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The Clementon School District is dedicated to a meaningful collaboration among parents, students, administrators, teachers, support staff, board of education members, and the community.
Our daily mission is to provide every student with a high-quality education driven by the New Jersey Learning Standards.

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