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ONLY students registered with Just Kids Camp are allowed to attend.  If you wish to register your child for camp please click on the registration form below.
Just Kids Contacts:
Registration                                                                                              Vouchers/Payment Assistance
Chris DeSilvio                                                                                           Shaniell Norton
856-768-8190 extension 503                                                                    856-768-8190 extension 508                        

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Just Kids Camp operates according to the school calendar.  The camp is open on the days school is open.  If school is closed for any reason (holiday, weather, etc.), camp is closed.
Session hours are as follows:
AM Session: 7:00 AM–8:25 AM
PM Session: 3:15 PM–6:00 PM
PM Session on Early Dismissal Days: 12:40 PM-6:00 PM
  • Parents MUST enter building and sign in their child at Just Kids Camp during each morning session.
  • Parents MUST enter building and sign out their child from Just Kids Camp during each afternoon session.
  • Your child must be registered and fee paid in order for your child to attend Just Kids Camp.
Just Kids Camp does not provide breakfast during the morning session. Your child may purchase a breakfast during the morning session. The full breakfast price is $1.10 daily. Payment for breakfast may be made daily, weekly, or monthly by cash, check, or money orders payable to Clementon Elementary School.
On Early Dismissal Days, campers attending the afternoon session are to either purchase a bagged lunch or bring lunch from home.