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2018-2019 OfficersTop of Page

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President Jennifer Rhine
Vice President Veronica Martinis
Treasurer TBA
Secretary Patricia Reed

Why should I participate in the HSA?Top of Page

Parent involvement in school is proven to make children much more successful in school.  Going to school events is great, but working closely with teachers and administrators in the school helps tremendously on so many levels in making your child successful at school.

You will make connections.  Working closely with the parents of the kids your child is going to school with, you’ll get to know them better and build relationships. You’ll also build relationships with the teachers in the school.  You’ll get to know not only your child’s teacher, but also teachers he or she might have in the future.

Networking.  Okay, so it’s not really a business transaction.  Or is it? Building a rapport with the people whose job it is to provide your child with an education will make communicating with these people so much easier.  You will know the administration and they will know you.

You’ll know the parents.  You’ll build relationships with people who can help you out when you really need it.

You will grow. By volunteering with us, you are putting your skills and hobbies to good use for a great cause.  If you like to bake, volunteer to coordinate the bake sales.  Maybe you have a knack at getting donations.  Put your hobbies to good use!

You’ll be part of the solution.  Being a part of the HSA, you are raising money and making a difference in the lives of students.  Your school has needs, whether it’s a new playground that is safe or a special computer program to help with learning.  You get to help provide that for the children.

You are being a role model for your child.  Being involved in the school you are showing your child how important education is to you.  You are at the school by choice and showing your child that he or she should want to choose to be there as well.

You’ll always be the first one to know what’s happening in the school.


  • Fund Raising: Organizes and implements fund raising activities and supports any HSA related activity.
  • Membership: Maintains enrollment records of previous and new HSA members; endeavors to increase membership.
  • Hospitality: Provides refreshments for HSA meetings; Welcome Back breakfast; Teacher Appreciation Week.
  • Room Representative: Recruits room representatives for each classroom to aid the teacher with special activities, collect and count Campbell’s Labels and Box Tops and be the communication between the HSA and the Classroom.
  • Campbell’s Labels & Box Tops: Encourages children to participate in collection of labels to be exchanged by Campbell Soup Company and Box Tops for Education for school equipment and material for specials.
  • Sunshine: Provides comfort during important life events.
  • Scholarship:Awards two $500 scholarships for graduates of Clementon Elementary School to be used for college credits.

Through the HSA, parents, teachers, administrators, and others work for quality education and a true partnership between home and school. Thanks for your continued support in making our school a great place for children to learn.